Stationery Sample Pack

You love our stationery designs. You know they will impress your guests.

But how do you know what to order?

What colours should you choose? And what does the cardstock look like in real life? Is it textured, smooth and how thick is it really?

I've got you!

​Get your hands on our Stationery Sample Pack! It's full of different coloured card options, printing finishes, sample invitations, envelopes and more! 

Plus we'll refund you the $20 cost of your sample pack, when you order your wedding stationery with us! Did we just say win-win?

Included in the sample pack:

  • 24+ different cardstock options and colours
  • Guide on different printing finishes (e.g. foil printing, letterpress, embossing, white ink) with examples
  • Sample invitations (hand selected based on your preferences and available samples in stock)
  • Sample envelope, invitation box and wax seal
  • Bonus: get the $20 cost of your sample pack refunded to you when you order your wedding stationery with us**

**Refund of one sample pack cost per customer at the cost of the sample pack. This excludes any shipping costs (where applicable) and is only eligible on orders over $180 (our minimum printing price).

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