Digital Wedding Templates | Instant Download | Free Demo


How Does It Work?

  1. Order Your Favourite Design On Our Website
  2. Within minutes you will receive a confirmation email from Templett with.
  3. Follow the link to access your templates (if you have used Templett before, you will need to go to the website and log into your account).
  4. Edit your designs as desired.
  5. Save your edits and download when you're ready (you can come back and re-edit your designs as often as you need!)
  6. Print at home, your local print shop or one of our recommended print suppliers.

When Will I Receive My Templates?

All Digital Templates are sent straight to your inbox within 30 minutes of your purchase. You will receive an email from Templett with a link to your new designs! (Please note if you have used Templett before you will not receive this email. You just need to log into your existing account and the designs will show up under your account automatically). If you can't see an email, please check your SPAM folder. 

How Long Do I Have Access To My Templates?

We generally offer 18 months access to our templates from date of purchase. Due to COVID, we are extending the access to templates indefinitely. Please note the access can be restricted back to 18 months at any point. If there is any issue with access  for a current order (e.g. wedding delayed, 2 year engagement etc.), please don't hesitate to reach out as generally we will reinstate access for you.

How Do I Print My Templates?

Digital Templates can be downloaded as PDF, JPEG and PNGs so you can print wherever you like!

Print Shop Options
  • At home (for smaller designs)
  • Online print shops (e.g. Vistaprint, Officeworks)
  • Local print shop (e.g. FedEx, Staples, OfficeMax)
  • PhotoLabs (e.g. Walgreens, Costco)

Every order also includes a tick and tricks guide for printing your designs.

What Can I Customise In My Template?

What Can Be Edited
  • All text can be edited including wording, colour, size, placement and font
  • Backgrounds can be changed to any colour and you can even add your own background image/photo into the design.
  • Add a backside to the design (e.g. if you want a double sided card). Please note this is not an option for all designs.
What Cannot Be Edited
  • Orientation: you can't change the design from portrait/vertical to landscape/horizontal and vice versa
  • Artwork: any graphics or artwork on the design can't be edited e.g. a coloured shape or a floral graphic can't be edited.
  • Size of template: you cannot change the size of your template. However, we do offer a resize option for all designs. Please read more about our resizing service here.

Can I Get A Different Size?

Yes! Take a look at our resize service here.

Can You Edit My Templates For Me?

Currently we are not offering our personalisation service for digital templates. However editing our templates is super quick and easy! Take a look at this demo design so you can try editing before purchase.

Do You Allow Refunds / Returns / Cancellations?

Digital Wedding Templates

Due to the digital nature of our products we generally do not offer refunds, returns or cancel orders. We will allow cancellations of orders if it is within 2 days of purchase and if the design has not been accessed via Templett. Please note we will check on our system if a template has been accessed prior to a cancellation being approved.

Custom Orders

We do not provide returns, refunds or cancellations for custom orders due to the nature of the work. If you are having any problems with your order, please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.