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Rebecca Piat

Hi! I’m Bec – an Australian based stationery designer obsessed with modern, clean styles and neutral, soft colour palettes. I have always loved art, painting and drawing and yet after school I ended up with a bachelor’s degree in economics…#logic.

I have been buried in spreadsheets and on the meeting merry-go-round for the last 7 years until finally deciding to start my passion project in design.

Since recently getting placed into the “bride” category, I fell down the Pinterest Wedding rabbit hole. So, it makes total sense that almost everything I design currently uses the #wedding hashtag. 


Watercolour. Pinterest. Minnie Small. Sleeping. Tamarama Beach. Spreadsheets. Good Coffee.


Early mornings. Summer beach traffic. Bananas [unless in cake or bread form].

Nothing gives me more joy than helping a bride create something beautiful for their special day. Stationery that they love and can't wait to show their family and friends. 


would love to start working on your wedding story and to create something beautiful just for you.