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How To Style Your Modern Wedding Reception On A Budget

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, with your friends and family coming together for one big party to celebrate you and your partner. But weddings definitely come with a price tag, with many couples being very surprised with how much wedding products and services can cost. We have a few tips on how to style your wedding reception on a budget and still make it beautiful, chic and something to look back on and be proud of.

Step One

Start by figuring out your budget and identify what is important to you as a couple. Less is more with modern wedding styling (win!) so don't feel like you need to spend money on every new wedding trend.

Step Two

A great way to save money in your wedding budget is to spend less on styling for the ceremony and reception. But that doesn't mean you can't have a jaw-dropping event that wows your guests as they enter. The best way to achieve styling with impact is to choose a focal point for the wedding and put as much of your budget there e.g. your focal point may be where you say your vows during your wedding ceremony so you put your entire flower budget here for a large flower installation! (Bonus points if any decor elements can be shifted from the ceremony to the reception!) By having a focal point it will wow your guests and have much more impact than having much smaller amounts of flowers scattered around the entire venue.

Step Three

DIY what you can! Weddings can be hectic and stressful, especially when you DIY so we recommend only doing DIYs for what you can in advance - yes you can definitely still do every element of your wedding yourself, however it can add a lot more pressure on you. To save your budget without losing your cool on your big day, we have a few easy DIYs that you can do far in advance!

Our favourite things to DIY (that you can do far in advance):

Welcome Sign with Hanging Stand

This is hands down our most popular DIY! We have people asking us for this DIY every day. Use with our chic welcome sign templates to create your welcome sign display. Download the design to your computer, print it at your local print shop or with an online printer. Then make the DIY Hanging Stand that Pinterest Is Obsessed with. This is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars and set the mood for your guests when they first enter your wedding reception.

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DIY Ceremony Backdrop

We love a good ceremony backdrop! A fantastic photo op for guests and something that will look beautiful in your wedding photos forever, a ceremony backdrop is never a bad idea. But the common floral installations can cost thousands of dollars! Here are our two favourite Pinterest backdrops that you can make yourself at home: Sir Botanical's Silvery Bohemian Backdrop and Bon Paper House's Wax Paper Backdrop.


Menus, Place cards & Table Numbers

Stationery for your wedding tables can really make all your styling elements come together and create a cohesive and professional looking wedding (even if it's all done by you!). Not only are these items functional (you don't need every guest asking you where their seat is!), they really help add to the styling of any modern wedding. But some wedding stationery can cost thousands *insert hyperventilating bride to be* and often that won't fit in most couples budgets.

We have a solution for you - printable wedding stationery templates. We have full matching packages so you can get menus, place cards, table numbers, seating charts, bar signs...(the list goes on) that you can edit at home (and even last minute if you have a surprise extra guest) and print locally and online. This is a really easy way to save a lot of money in your wedding budget without having to compromise on beautiful stationery for your wedding reception.


We hope you loved our tips on how to save money on styling your wedding reception!

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