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How To Send Your Wedding Invitations During COVID

A few things have changed since 2020 and how you send out your wedding invitations is no different!  We have a few key tips that will help make sending your wedding invitations out a breeze - COVID or no COVID!  

Extra postage time

Are you sending printed invitations to your guests? It's a beautiful touch for any wedding and a great introduction to the party of your life! However, you should definitely factor in a few extra weeks when posting invitations out. And potentially even more if they are international guests. COVID has been wreaking havoc on the postal system and you don't want to find out someone received their invitation after the RSVP date!

Go Digital!

Yes ,this is the key for a wedding during the pandemic. How many times do you send out your wedding invitations? Well pre-2020 it would generally just be the once (plus a Save The Date!). But in the COVID-era it's a whole new ball game. We know couples who have postponed their wedding FOUR times (don't worry, they are now happily married, so persistence is key!). 

Sending your invitations out digitally can make having to postpone that little bit easier (and cheaper!). All the Piper East wedding invitations are digital templates, so you can send a modern, chic invitation to your guests as many times as you need to, whilst only paying for the design once! Did we also mention digital invitations are a fraction of the cost, super quick and easy to send out and you can send them out from the comfort of your couch? Win-WIN we say!

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Use a Wedding Website

COVID can't stop you from having the wedding of your dreams, however it can make things more complicated. Things frequently change and you need to make decisions on the fly. Venue changed? Date changed? Time changed? During COVID it can all happen. And as things change, you need to be able to communicate to all your guests quickly and easily. A wedding website is the easiest way to manage this! We recommend Joy - it's free!


We hope our tips on sending your wedding invitations out during Covid was helpful to you!

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