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How To DIY Your Wedding Invitations (And Still Make Them Look Expensive)

Have you been thinking of doing your own DIY Wedding Invitations? Worried they may end up looking cheap and not have the luxe effect your were going for? Don't worry, you can definitely DIY your own wedding invitations and still make them look ultra lush and expensive! Read the guide below to find out how!

Choose Your Wedding Template

So the first step is to realise digital wedding templates are where it's at. At Piper East we have painstakingly created modern, chic digital stationery templates that are popular amongst brides and wedding planners alike. We've even been featured in Hello May!  Take a look at our range of invitation designs to see which style will be best for your wedding style.

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Customise Your Template

Our wedding templates are completely customisable! You can edit colours to match even the most distinct hue of your bridesmaids dresses and all text is 100% editable, so you can make the designs perfectly suit your special day. Once you have finished editing your template online, you simply download the finished design to your computer.

Use A Quality Print Supplier

Find your printers. Make sure to use quality printers and print shops as they will have the best quality cardstocks. This is where it does pay to not go for the cheapest option as no one wants their wedding invitation to look like it's printed on computer paper! Go for thicker cardstocks and ones with texture as they always look more expensive.

Not sure how to print your wedding templates? Don't worry, we give everyone who purchases one of our wedding stationery templates a free copy of our Print Guide and we're always here to help answer any printing questions where we can! 

Get Your Envelopes Printed

Trust us, handwriting 50+ addresses for your wedding invitations can get very tiring, very quickly. Your hand will hurt. Your handwriting quality will drop after the first 10 addresses. And unless you know how to do calligraphy, your handwriting will never look as sleek and chic as a beautifully printed envelope. Better yet, if you choose our Ultimate Packages, you not only get a beautiful wedding invitation template, you also get a matching envelope address template!

We hope you loved our guide on how to make your own wedding invitations and still have your guests gushing over how much they love them!

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