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DIY Hanging Stand for Your Modern Wedding Signs

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DIY Hanging Stand for Your Modern Wedding Signs

So I get a lot of messages asking where I bought this Hanging Sign Stand from.
I get brides and wedding planners alike, begging me to sell them this hanging stand. On a busy week, I'll even get these messages daily.
So I think Pinterest might be a little obsessed with my humble little DIY Hanging Stand.
This is the Wedding Stand that Pinterest is obsessed with.
And if I'm honest, you can see why. It's modern, minimal andlike nothing else out there. That's why I came up with this DIY in the first place.
I was looking for hanging stands to show off the modern, minimal wedding signage I design (you can shop my wedding designs here), but all the copper hanging stands were between $100-$250! To even just hire one was $80 + delivery + a minimum spend of $200!!! 
If you're running a business or planning a wedding, you know there isn't really a whole heap of spare cash you can be throwing around.
This DIY cost me less than $30AUD #WEDDINGBUDGETWIN
 So this DIY, which cost meunder $30AUD (I admit I did have eyelets at home already) was a definite win.
Now you might be thinking - "um but I'm not a DIY" kind of girl. I just want to buy the stand. That's cool, I'm not really great with tools either (my husband always tenses when I pick up a drill or hammer...and that's just to pass it to him?) 
But ifevenI can set it up myself in about 15 minutes and the day before my own wedding - then you/your wedding planner/sister/bridesmaid can definitely do it too!
If I can make this stand, anyone can!
So for the last 12 months whenever I get asked about this Hanging Stand my response has always been, that this is a DIY I'll be sharing soon.
It's not for sale (because frankly, I'm just not interested in mass producing and selling them). I also live in Australia, so often the (US based) brides live too far away to make shipping cost effective.
I then get emails, Etsy conversation messages, Instagram comments and DMs asking when I'll be sharing this DIY.
Aaand if I'm honest I definitely missed my first deadline for sharing this DIY.
BUT to be fair I was getting married myself!
And I even used the stand for my own wedding welcome sign! (I'm just waiting on my photographers to send me my wedding photos! 🥰)
But now that my wedding is finished - it's time to finally give the people what they want!!
So get the DIY Hanging Stand I created for modern wedding signage - get it sent straight to your inbox.
If you have any questions or need any extra advice - send me a DM on Instagram@pipereastdesign.
Happy Wedding Planning!
Bec xx
PS: Don't forget to pin below to save this DIY for later!

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