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DIY Hanging Stand for Your Modern Wedding Signs

So I get a lot of messages asking where I bought this Hanging Sign Stand from. I get brides and wedding planners alike, begging me to sell them this hanging stand. On a busy week, I'll even get these messages daily. So I think Pinterest might be a little obsessed with my humble little DIY Hanging Stand. And if I'm honest, you can see why. It's modern, minimal and like nothing else out there. That's why I came up with this DIY in the first place.
I design wedding stationery templates with a cool bride vibe and I needed a matching hanging stand to show off my modern welcome signs. I know how tight wedding budgets can be and how crazy wedding pricing can be (I've been that bride stressing over the budget before!). That's why I created digital wedding stationery templates that you can edit yourself from the comfort of your couch, print with your local print shop or online and save yourself hundreds of dollars without having to miss out on gorgeous wedding stationery.

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So I have these chic wedding signs that I wanted to show off, but all the copper hanging stands I wanted to use were between $100-$250! To even just hire one was $80 + delivery + a minimum spend of $200!!!  So instead I created this super easy DIY Hanging Stand, which only cost me $30AUD!
Now you might be thinking - "um but I'm not a DIY" kind of girl. I just want to buy the stand. That's cool, I'm not really great with tools either (my husband always tenses when I pick up a drill or hammer...and that's just to pass it to him?). But if I can set it up myself in about 15 minutes and the day before my own wedding - then you/your wedding planner/sister/bridesmaid can definitely do it too!
So for the last 12 months whenever I get asked about this Hanging Stand my response has always been, that this is a DIY I'll be sharing soon. It's not for sale (because frankly, I'm just not interested in mass producing and selling them). I also live in Australia, so often the (US based) brides live too far away to make shipping cost effective.
So get the DIY Hanging Stand I created for modern wedding signage - get it sent straight to your inbox. Click here to get the DIY Hanging Stand Guide.
If you have any questions or need any extra advice - send me a DM on Instagram @pipereastdesign.
Happy Wedding Planning!
Bec xx

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